This section of our site is strictly for photos that may be in question or deemed unexplainable. If you'd like to see our photo album of locations, investigations, team shots and so on, please visit our facebook page. Just click the facebook button at the bottom of any page,  you will find our albums and random photos there.             


You are going to find empty areas on our site. Particularly photos video and or audio. Evidence is word that should not be thrown around in this field as lightly as it often is. I prefer the term "findings". At rare times we may post photos,video,and or audio for opinion note THESE ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN as a claim of anything. To aid in analysis we will provide any released findings with appropriate date such as EXIF, Enviromental readings and any other necessary data. There are MANY factors to look at before labeling anything as EVIDENCE or PARANORMAL.

I have found in my travels that there is an immense amount of possible explanations for things so quickly deemed paranormal. So much so that until we come across something that beyond a doubt, we ourselves along with certified specialists in a variety of fields confirm is UNEXPLAINABLE or DEFINITIVE then these areas will remain blank. We are not in this field for entertainment purpose, so I apologize in advance if you find this site boring. I'd rather be respected for my honesty than applauded as a mere smoke and mirrors entertainer.