About Us


Founded in 2002, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to the PERSONAL study of paranormal Research. If anything of undoubted credibility should surface, it will then be authenticated by members of various fields of scientific study and shared with the paranormal community. We have well over 13 years experience in the field. We have done numerous residential invstigations, Private Historic Landmark Museums,An amazingly historic mansion from the 1700's An undisclosed brewery, as well as conducted numerous studies at larger more widely known locations like Hillview Manor, Prospect Place, The Tragic Hinsdale house, The Sedamsville Rectory, The Lake Shawnee Fun Park, St Alban's Sanatorium and more.

 You may find empty areas on our site. Particularly photos video and or audio. Evidence is a word that should not be thrown around in this field as lightly as it often is. I prefer the term "findings". At rare times we may post photos, video, and or audio for opinion note THESE ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN as a claim of anything. To aid in analysis we will provide any released findings with appropriate data such as EXIF, Environmental readings and any other necessary data. There are MANY factors to look at before labeling anything as EVIDENCE or PARANORMAL.

 I have found in my travels that there is an immense amount of possible explanations for things so quickly deemed paranormal.  So much so that until we come across something that beyond a doubt, we ourselves along with certified specialists in a variety of fields confirm is UNEXPLAINABLE or DEFINITIVE then these areas will remain blank. We are not in this field for entertainment purpose, so I apologize in advance if you find this site boring. I'd rather be respected for my honesty than applauded as a mere smoke and mirrors entertainer. This is a very difficult field and more often than not your either making sense out of 99.9% of what is occuring around you, or your left with many more questions than you started with. The ability to know the difference is crucial.

Let me explain a bit more

The human brain is  wired to recognize faces, shapes,forms, and so on, It always tries to make sense out of what it sees and hears. The term pareidolia (otherwise known as Matrixing) is something that comes into play as an explanation in visual as well as audio "evidence" so many times that one can barely keep track. It's very common to see what looks very much like a face in a wide variety of simple everyday things such as, smoke, water, clouds, flames, carpets, wood, it really goes on and on. Old wiring, electronics, Radio frequencies  (In the case of KII meters), test surges sent from power companies, and even walkie talkies can explain an extremely high percentage of emf spike occurrences. Photographic anomalies are another occurrence that can be explained by factoring in environment, bugs, dust, operator error and so on. By using equipment in conjunction to establish the environment the photo was taken in can aid immensely in its analysis. I cannot stress enough KNOWING YOUR EQUIPMENT is ESSENTIAL. Hygrometers are a great tool for helping begin to establish your surroundings. These devices measure the moisture content and aid immensely if you were to capture a mist for instance.  Fogs, mists, orbs, and bugs are very commonly mistaken as paranormal. Holding your breath when you take a photo in low temperatures, using a tripod in dark areas, taking base line measurements before you conduct your study are all very small steps that can help you minimize false positives, and overall help create the controlled enviroment needed to conduct experiments and gather un contaminated information.

 Photography as well as many scientific fields come together to help verify, prove, disprove, and assist in the paranormal field of study. This is not a point n click sport. It is legitimate study. We can and will contact anyone in any of these specialty studies to assist us in anything we present as Findings or "EVIDENCE". We call upon these professionals as we are not certified in these specialty fields.  We have had a combination of apprentice style training, self-study/education, and trial and error in fields that aid us in being PERSONAL PRIVATE DATA COLLECTORS. We are in no way denouncing the possible existence of spirits, demons, ghosts, and so on. We do however tread VERY LIGHTLY when it comes to claiming proof of anything. Remember proof is just that PROOF beyond a doubt, hands down, no contest.


Please do not call us into your home or submit your photos etc. to us if you are offended by or not open to questions regarding mental health history as well as to rational explanation first. They will be analyzed by our team as well as possibly being shared with our peers, as we are looking to give you a thorough analysis.

We have all necessary insurance/waiver paperwork
WE ARE NOT DEMONOLOGISTS if what you may be dealing with is legitimately harmful we CAN and WILL direct you to help better suited to your situation. We are trained and studied how to identify these possible situations.

We do not work in conjunction with, nor have anyone on the IPSU OF PA member’s roster who claims physic ability, or any variant of gifts of a higher spiritual awareness. This is not meant as an attack or to berate or belittle anyone, but as a personal choice.  Again I am not denouncing this ability MAY exist but until it is proven it only hinders our field, peers and the personal mission of the IPSU OF PA. We are however open to an experiment if the right person is able to show us some form of legitimacy to the claims of ability. 

We do not do cleansings, rid homes, or do blessings of any sort.

We do not deal with Ouija boards, rituals, black magic, or any other area of associated practices in any way shape or form. By contacting us you agree to the above disclaimers, You understand that all questions and claims on your part are answered and made in 100% honesty.